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Manages day to day business functions, so you can focus on core activities.

COTSYS Finance & Accounting Services manages day-to-day business functions, enabling you to improve your company's controls and service levels while reducing costs. Our services and activities include: Source-to-Settle, Order-to-Cash, Record-to-Report, Decision Support & Analytics and Payroll. When managing your financial business processes COTSYS focuses on controls, productivity and providing accurate and timely information needed for decision support and business planning. We also supply quality measures and key performance indicators in order to present you the necessary operational overview. Moreover, you benefit from an increased ability to devote management time and resources to your core competencies and strategies that lead to growth.

When you outsource financial business processes to COTSYS you benefit from a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Taking into account your specific, individual, COTSYS is prepared to provide a flexible, scalable solution that's right for you.


Client Problems and Challenges


Gain global service delivery

Too often, companies use a variety of unconnected systems that hinder the flow of information enterprise wide. That’s a key reason finance and accounting business processes become inefficient, time consuming and riddled with errors. The results include dissatisfied customers and suppliers, high operational costs, and added business risk. Another possible outcome is incomplete or delayed reporting. Given Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory requirements, it’s a situation no enterprise can tolerate.

Solution: We connect your systems and processes.



With COTSYS, our flexible service delivery model provides the ability to outsource processes and automate technology based on your requirements. You can outsource the entire finance and accounting area or you can begin with the basics, and we’ll put a plan in place to help you migrate to a total outsourced solution when you’re ready. Anchored by our market-leading global Best Shore capabilities, COTSYS delivers its Finance and Accounting Services from a variety of onshore, near shore and offshore locations that best meet your needs.





How it works?   Features

Based on your objectives, we work with you to baseline your current business processes, systems and organization to design a detailed blueprint for change, a jointly agreed-upon transition and execution plan. When managing your financial business processes, COTSYS helps you improve productivity and controls, as well as the accuracy and timeliness of the information needed for decision support and business planning. Standardized, repeatable processes backed by multipoint global delivery and technology automation help you simultaneously improve service performance and drive down transaction costs. You get flexible support for multiple enterprise resource planning and legacy systems. System transformation options include applications rationalization, modernization and implementation.





Source to Settle: Sourcing, supplier administration, purchase order processing, procurement card administration.
invoice processing and payment administration.
Order to Cash: Customer administration, order processing, billing, credit, collections and cash application.
Record to Report: General ledger maintenance, account reconciliation, journal entry preparation and posting.
Treasury/Banking support, inter company accounting, and fixed assets.
Payroll: Preparation and processing, checks and EFT, reconciliation, third-party payments, and tax reporting and filing .
Decision Support And Analytics: Preparation of financials, budget and forecasting support, profit and loss and
Balance sheet analysis, performance analysis and reporting, business research, and modeling and optimization.


What you can achieve

> Save 30 to 40 percent on finance and accounting costs through COTSYS’ global economies of scale, leveraged technology and Best Shore services.
> Enhance quality through standard processes that drive lower error rates.
> Improve controls by establishing a single point for convergence for transaction processes.
> Reduce errors and create a simpler compliance review.
> Increase customer satisfaction through our focus on quality measures, key performance indicators and service-level agreements.
> Improve shareholder value by enabling more time spent on strategic decision-making and planning.


Executive overview

> Outsource day-to-day business functions.
> Enhance quality and controls.
> Improve customer satisfaction.
> Increase management focus on core strategic initiatives.
> Lower operational costs and improve decision making.







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Diversity   Volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity   Save Trees - Green World Project



COTSYS encourages diversity / multicultural practices in the organization.


We offer employment in various continents and countries and open doors for professional growth to all members of the society. COTSYS's employees represent the widest possible variety of nationalities, cultures, genders and levels of physical ability.


A true company must imitate & follow the diversity of the world it serves.  In such a diverse environment, people bring to the workplace contrasting beliefs, suggestions and global perspective.  This practice enhances our ideas and methods and processes. COTSYS identifies and encourages this power of diversity to drive innovation & creative intelligence. COTSYS energetically cultivates diversity across enterprise units. COTSYS encourages professional’s employees to emphasize on their commonalities and de-emphasize disparity. This helps in forming more conscious & sensitive teams that can better serve customers.


Today, we have employees from countries like New Zealand, Gulf, Caribbean, Australia, India and women have its own prominent place.


Every volunteer contributes a drop to the ocean of humanity, and it is certainly true that the ocean would be less without these drops. It is so easy to look at the big picture; to see the thousands of suffering people, and forget that we can only do small things with great love - that the one person we serve at a given moment is GOD.

This programme is named ‘MT Care” (Mother Teresa Care) in alliance with various NGOs. The objective of this program is to provide financial assistance to poor students, serve food to those who are unable to do work physically. This program is also taking care of patients esp. having eye problems but unable to operate or take any kind of treatment.


This program is backed by a system, based on J2EE technology, which will keep track on areas, people and services provided by this program.


This program will also provide an intelligent analysis report which also will also help other NGOs to serve mankind, more effectively and efficiently.





Green World is a non-profit international environmental project dedicated to promote the Save Tree, grow tree concepts and use of different green practices and tools in order to reduce paper and resources consumption by companies. Preserving the environment is now a main issue for most business. Corporate Social Responsibility, the concept described how companies can leave a smaller footprint on the environment has taken on a new meaning and renewed importance.


At various occasions, GW planted trees and promote save trees.

Green World Project is focused on facilitate businesses different tools in order to use less paper to save trees and implement green practices that will boost your level of Corporate Social Responsibility in terms of protecting the environment and preserving our resources.


Through Save Our Trees Project a large number of small, medium and large businesses and organizations have found an inexpensive way to turn their companies green. Start now to participate at the Save Our Trees Project!







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