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Automotive Retail Solution:

COTSYS offers a portfolio of innovative and proven solutions in the Automotive domain. Our consultants have proven record in the field of Automotive that focus on driving higher business performance and increased revenue and profitability for its clients.

COTSYS's end to end solution covers the following areas;

> SAP Best Practices for Retail Organizations can benefit from the experience of over 400 retail implementations from around the world that have formed the foundation of the SAP Best Practice solution.

>  COTSYS Lifecycle Support Services: COTSYS has extensive experience in providing SAP application & infrastructure managed services.




Our Government Programs delivers solutions that move our nation forward. And the tie that binds every one of those solutions is the commitment behind them

an unyielding commitment to success. COTSYS's Government Solutions offers the following strengths which have given many government entities the piece of mind that they have the best solution possible:

Complete end-to-end solution: Our breadth of solutions & services provide for every aspect of voice, data, optical, wireless, and multimedia, at an outstanding value. We are a trusted leader in Information communications technology with a proven history of delivering the highest levels of reliability in the industry.

We have partnered closely with government organizations and contractors on large-scale, complex projects in the areas of healthcare, justice and public safety, education, e-governance, public finance, military and aerospace and transport, to touch and transform the lives of ordinary people.

Our Government Solutions offers a three-part vision
> Improving How Government Agencies Communicate and Collaborate.
> Improving How Government Agencies Serve Citizens and Businesses.
> Protecting Government Information Assets, Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets.

Tax Administration
COTSYS has combined its in-depth domain expertise in tax administration, proven technology capabilities and ability to forge winning partnerships to create the Tax Administration System.

Key Benefits
> Track transactions across multiple states
> Create a central registry of all enterprises so that they may be tracked
> Handle a much larger volume of transactions, without a proportional increase in headcount


Public Distribution
In order to productize eGovernance for Targeted Public Distribution System, COTSYS has developed a generalized frame work to cater the needs of Electronic, Food  & Civil facilities and supplies.

Key Benefits
> Shorter roll-out timelines
> Significant improvement in Enrollment & Food Distribution Operations
> High Citizen Awareness & Improved Decision Making
> Transparency in accounting of commodities.


COTSYS develops solutions that help governments increase the reach of education, improve persistence of students and deliver innovative education programs.


Key Benefits
> School Information Management
> Smart Card Management
> e-Learning
> Education Maintenance Allowance


Social Enterprise Management
COTSYS transforms the delivery of Social Services benefits through the implementation of  richly functioning Social Enterprise Management Solutions

Key Benefits
> Accurate and Timely Distribution of Eligible Recipient Benefits
> Operational Effectiveness
> High Level of User Satisfaction


COTSYS combines its technological prowess, domain experience and collaborative capabilities to deliver complex, large-scale solutions in the area of transportation.

Key Benefits
> Congestion Charging
> Air Movement Operations
> Fleet Management
> Motor Vehicle Registration


Justice and Public Safety
COTSYS provides specialized solutions that can help governments access, process, retrieve and share critical judicial and public safety information quickly and securely.

Key Benefits
> Criminal Records
> Prison Management
> Disputes & Audit Trail
> Prisoner Tracking

IT Consulting
Our experts define your business needs, formulate a strategy, develop an effective technology business model and then implement the change across your organization.
With proven test processes and methodologies, we combine world-class infrastructure with extensive program management expertise.


  Custom Application Development
We translate your IT vision into reality with solutions that are focused on enhancing customer relations and increasing revenue and competitive advantage.
Data Migration and Platform Rationalization
COTSYS's data migration and platform rationalization offering has helped some of the biggest names in the industry to move their data seamlessly from legacy systems to new administration platforms.
  Application Management Outsourcing
We help you refocus your energies on strategic initiatives by handing over the maintenance and enhancement of business applications to a reliable partner.


We offer a system that helps organizations catalogue different sources of information for dissemination to many users according to their specific needs.




COTSYS’s Telecom Practice serves the all elements of the telecommunications ecosystem, providing end-to-end solutions in Engineering and R&D services, Custom and Enterprise applications, Infrastructure Management and BPO. COTSYS’s service in Telecom domain include Engineering Cost Optimization, Ticket Lifecycle Management, Advanced Technologies Empowerment Services, Interoperability, Unified Communications, Billing and VoIP/IMS services.


Service Offerings

Business intelligence
Service innovation
Engineering Cost Optimization
Ticket Life Cycle Management
Advanced Technologies Empowerment Services
Migration Unified
Communications VoIP / IMS Services



Energy / Utilities


Facing environmental and regulatory challenges, energy and utilities companies must improve financial performance, enhance customer satisfaction and rethink service delivery. It requires new technologies and processes — from metering and monitoring, through billing and customer care — to improve efficiency and boost business performance.

COTSYS serves energy and utilities companies with a wide array of strategic consulting and business process outsourcing solutions, supported by proven IT frameworks and accelerators. Various global utilities companies trust us to strengthen their businesses with solutions for plant automation and supply chain optimization, as well as retail, billing and customer care.


COTSYS Solutions for the Energy and Utilities Industry

Smart Meter Rollout Orchestration
COTSYS provides a SOA-based Business Process Management platform with centralized control, automated workflow and a high degree of flexibility and scalabililty for automationof work processes, real-time monitoring activities, and easily integration of legacy systems. The solution consists of a comprehensive set of business processes, including Meter Management, Meter Data Management, Workflow and Dashboards, with application integration capabilities for CRM, ERP and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Smart Meter Event Portal
COTSYS provides end-to-end business process control and visibility from Meters to Enterprise Applications. This will result in increased operational efficiency and flexibility. This framework is able to work with multiple billing engines, meter vendors, etc, and the ability to connect to the existing IT landscape. The Smart Meter Event Portal provides an aggregated overview of Meter Readings per supplier or retailer with drill-down facililties for detailed status and effort information.

Energy Market Process Management
Model-driven repository for orchestration and graphical monitoring of operational energy processes, including move, supplier-switch and meter-reading. Targeted for energy suppliers and energy grid operators.Line-of-Business management (e.g. VP customer care) gets realtime personalized dashboards with the KPI's which they have defined.

Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence
Extract business intelligence from a sea of data, to drive more informed decision-making.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Reduce your operating costs, improve day-to-day management of operations and support your strategic planning.

Enterprise Asset Management
Our solution helps utilities optimize asset performance and improve service levels.

Enterprise Application Integration
Count on us to show you how to seamlessly connect people, systems and technology.

Supply Chain Management
We’ll help you build an extended supply chain that’s agile, adaptive and aligned with your business objectives.



Stiff competition, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory compliance continue to reshape the financial services industry, forcing companies to constantly adapt to ever-changing business models and conditions. COTSYS financial solutions deliver the speed and control necessary to outpace the market, with clear-cut specs, swift and easy changes, and implementations that begin immediately.

With COTSYS, you can leverage your encapsulated legacy systems, disparate databases, and existing internal processes to respond proactively to business and customer demands. Combine these capabilities with complete and collaborative control over your composite applications, and it’s easy to see how COTSYS empowers you to automate business processes faster and better than with any other solution.




Asset & Wealth Management
Benefit from a full spectrum of application development, maintenance, business process outsourcing and consulting services—as well as our global delivery expertise, from front office to back office.

Cards & Payments
With the rapid rise in credit card defaults, you need to limit your exposure. Our solutions help monitor and reduce risk, so you can focus on targeting, acquiring and retaining the most credit-worthy customers.

Investment Banking & Brokerage
Our specialists create business processes that scale up or down as needed to meet your investment banking and brokerage goals—while reducing your costs, as well.

Securities Services
Let us manage and maximize your IT assets. Our industry experts support the back offices of numerous asset management and brokerage firms, prime brokers, depository organizations and bank treasuries.

Consumer Lending
Many firms are going ‘back to basics’ and focusing on core deposits and asset gathering, yet the pressure to grow lending increases. Our experts can help you manage the risk and costs of acquiring and developing the right customers.

Governance, Risk & Compliance
Join the leading North American and European banks that rely on us for successful credit, operational and market risk management solutions.

Retail/Wholesale Banking
The credit crisis emphasized the need for liquidity, cash management and operational efficiency. Our banking solutions can optimize your business processes across the entire value chain.





The healthcare industry is in a state of flux. Traditional models for delivering care, serving policyholders and employers, and managing revenues, are increasingly ineffective. Regulatory agencies want higher levels of service and quality—and lower costs. Healthcare consumers demand the same, with generational divisions about how they want to interact with their service providers. Delivering higher quality and better service coupled with cost containment calls for reinvention and transformation. That’s what COTSYS will help you achieve.


COTSYS enables healthcare organizations to create more efficient, effective, innovative and virtualized business models. We arm your enterprise with the strategic thinking to effectively respond no matter what directions the healthcare industry’s evolution takes. Our deep industry expertise and experience across the healthcare ecosystem enables healthcare organizations to successfully address challenges and seize opportunities by improving processes, creating efficiencies and unlocking innovation.

COTSYS offers comprehensive solutions for

From business process improvements to full managed care implementations to modernizing legacy equipment and complying with new regulations, we help you streamline, adapt and innovate.

Healthcare providers
We enable you to focus on your core mission to deliver the highest quality of care by making your operations more effective and efficient, while enabling clinical transformation through innovative new processes and services.

Government and public health programs
Our comprehensive managed services enable you to serve larger member populations than ever, delivering a high level of service with minimal capital investment and reduced fixed operating costs.

Pharmacy benefit managers
We help you deliver higher levels of service; integrate retail, specialty and mail-order pharmacy operations; mine data for business intelligence metrics and more with our field-proven services and solutions.







Diversity   Volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity   Save Trees - Green World Project



COTSYS encourages diversity / multicultural practices in the organization.


We offer employment in various continents and countries and open doors for professional growth to all members of the society. COTSYS's employees represent the widest possible variety of nationalities, cultures, genders and levels of physical ability.


A true company must imitate & follow the diversity of the world it serves.  In such a diverse environment, people bring to the workplace contrasting beliefs, suggestions and global perspective.  This practice enhances our ideas and methods and processes. COTSYS identifies and encourages this power of diversity to drive innovation & creative intelligence. COTSYS energetically cultivates diversity across enterprise units. COTSYS encourages professional’s employees to emphasize on their commonalities and de-emphasize disparity. This helps in forming more conscious & sensitive teams that can better serve customers.


Today, we have employees from countries like New Zealand, Gulf, Caribbean, Australia, India and women have its own prominent place.


Every volunteer contributes a drop to the ocean of humanity, and it is certainly true that the ocean would be less without these drops. It is so easy to look at the big picture; to see the thousands of suffering people, and forget that we can only do small things with great love - that the one person we serve at a given moment is GOD.

This programme is named ‘MT Care” (Mother Teresa Care) in alliance with various NGOs. The objective of this program is to provide financial assistance to poor students, serve food to those who are unable to do work physically. This program is also taking care of patients esp. having eye problems but unable to operate or take any kind of treatment.


This program is backed by a system, based on J2EE technology, which will keep track on areas, people and services provided by this program.


This program will also provide an intelligent analysis report which also will also help other NGOs to serve mankind, more effectively and efficiently.





Green World is a non-profit international environmental project dedicated to promote the Save Tree, grow tree concepts and use of different green practices and tools in order to reduce paper and resources consumption by companies. Preserving the environment is now a main issue for most business. Corporate Social Responsibility, the concept described how companies can leave a smaller footprint on the environment has taken on a new meaning and renewed importance.


At various occasions, GW planted trees and promote save trees.

Green World Project is focused on facilitate businesses different tools in order to use less paper to save trees and implement green practices that will boost your level of Corporate Social Responsibility in terms of protecting the environment and preserving our resources.


Through Save Our Trees Project a large number of small, medium and large businesses and organizations have found an inexpensive way to turn their companies green. Start now to participate at the Save Our Trees Project!







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