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Giving a completely engaging experience to users, this is a set of business software systems that focus on resource planning, management & operational control between different departments / sections / offices / locations. Diverse software modules to focus on separate working areas and integrated with each other through intermediate modules.

Integration of financial, customer, manufacturing, inventory, HR Information

Inter department coordination

Mobile based operations

Customer coordination

Insightful & analytical reports

User engaging, visually appealing web portal design and development especially for the banking, insurance and finance sector. Able portals to establish in the competitive market.

Seamless navigation

Secure data access

Banner / emailer / product design

Visually appealing

User friendly

Social media integration

Mobility enabled BFSI IT solutions for the enterprise to accurately create technology with business models. Advanced websites, mobile devices all over, automated & secure banking services are the key USPs.

Mobile tracking of operations

Enterprise systems & business intelligence

Tracking and notification services

Cloud based services

Online banking & financial management

Mobile banking services

An in-depth and insightful data analytics platform through which the client can make detailed inference on the effects of advertising. It will optimize advertising channels & strategies to its best.

Banking analytics and reporting

Integrated & advanced data analytics

Predictive analytics

Big Data analytics

Dashboards / reports for analysis

Interactive mobile apps, almost impossible to resist in this industry – these apps are focused on giving what the user needs. It offers better viewer engagement and thereby further growth in the BFSI industry. Customer mobile enablement, smart support services, digital signature are the USPs.

Latest news / updates

Predictive analysis and trend forecasting

Audio / video functionality

Customized alerts / notifications

Social media integration

Real time updates on news / information

Payment integration

Cloud based solutions that cater to major banking and financial activities through the cloud, increasing agility, efficiency and effectiveness to the optimum.

Security and risk management

Faster go-to-market mechanism

Data-driven perceptions

Anywhere, anytime access to system